4-Cups Artistry Tumbler Turner - Alpha Pigments

4-Cups Artistry Tumbler Turner

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Add-on : Extra 3/4 PVC Wand
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4-Cups Artistry Tumbler Turner

Turners are back and better than ever! With new quick release capabilities, easy thumb screw wand removal system, stackability features, drying racks, and overall fancy look, these Artistry Turners are a must! Claim yours early as we will be doing a first come, first serve order basis.

Type of Product: Tumbler Turner/ Turner Parts

Turnaround time:

Artistry Epoxy Cup Turners are hand-made, and we start building them super fast as we receive your order. Shipping oldest to newest orders as fast as we can. Estimated turn around time is 1-3 weeks due to them being custom built.


Bottom – means the logo will be on the left side and will have legs
Tops – means the logo will be on the right side and will have brackets

This enables stackable offset.


4 cup-turner is 32x8x8
6 cup-turner is 48x8x8
Each arm is spaced 8in apart
12 in wand per motor
1 drying rack per spot



All orders are made by hand. Turners may have slight defects with minor scratches, color marks, etc. Perfection is what we strive for but not always manageable with the material we use.

All turner sales are non-refundable / exchangeable due to customization features.



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