OEM Drop-in Pigments SOP

At Alpha Pigments we have been working tirelessly to bring you drop-in pigments that match OEM paint codes. If your desired paint code isn't on our website yet, please feel free to email us at sales@alphapigments.com so we can get it added for you! Most OEM color codes are compatible with our system.
2 Stage Colors: have only 2 stages to achieve the OEM color, a groundcoat color and a midcoat color.
3 Stage Colors: have 3 stages to achieve the OEM color, a groundcoat color, a basecoat color, and a midcoat color.
*Compatibility varies, our OEM drop-in pigments work in MOST liquid wrap coatings (test both the ability to mix as well as peelability prior to using on a vehicle) , but topcoating is a must, wheather its a clear base product, or better yet, a 2k topcoat  like Autoflex Gloss/matte topcoats, DYC Dip Armor, or halo efx true gloss.

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP):

    • Our OEM drop in pigments are compatible with HaloEFX Real Clear, AutoFlex Spray Wrap Pro Express Clear, and Proline Matte Clear. Always follow the manufacturer guidelines for liquid wrap application processes, first-aid measures, and other important information. Please use common sense when working with flammable materials and wear a paint approved face mask when spraying inside of your paint booth.

    • Our OEM drop in pigments are not always a 100% match to existing oem paint. They are NOT designed to match a single body panel on an already existing factory painted vehicle (like a front bumper or a trim piece for example), though some colors it may be passable. Over time the factory vehicle paint can oxidize without noticing (even on newer vehicles) and therefore the color code will no longer be an exact match without blending the surrounding body panels. Although it will be a very close match just not quite exact. 

       Process of use:

  1. Spray 1-2 clear liquid wrap coats
  2. Spray Ground Coat tinted liquid wrap gallons until at least solid coverage
  3. Spray Base Coat tinted liquid wrap gallons until solid, even coverage
  4. IF APPLICABLE: Spray Mid Coat tinted liquid wrap gallons until the desired color has been achieved.
  5. Spray topcoat of clear liquid wrap or 2k Topcoat (such as Autoflex Gloss/Matte topcoat, DYC Dip Armour, or Halo efx True Gloss) 

*IF USING A 2K TOPCOAT, FOLLOW THE LIQUID WRAP MANUFACTURERS RECOMMENDED DRY TIME PRIOR TO TOPCOATING (wait at least 30 minutes longer than their recommended minimum wait time to let the extra solvents flash off fully)*

Please note: Certain OEM colors have better coverage than others, we recommend buying one extra gallon worth of pigment than you would normally expect to use on the job.


  • Ground Coat Tints: Mixing one 4oz container per gallon, these colors are to mimick the sealer or primer used on factory painted vehicles or color match to make coverage easy.
  • Base Coat Tints: Mixing only two 4oz containers per gallon, these tints will create the tinted Base Coat gallons. This will be the color stage before the Top Coats are applied (unless the color code is a tri-stage) 
  • Mid Coat Tints: This is for *Tri-Stage Kits only and will include Mid Coat drop in pigments that are sprayed on top of the Base Coat. Mixing only two 4oz containers per gallon, these pigments will create the tinted Mid Coat gallons to complete the final color stages.
  • TopCoats: Let the vehicle gas off the recommended time and spray the TopCoats corresponding to the liquid wrap manufacture.


  • All the information contained in this document has been written in good faith and should be used for general information purposes. We do not make any warranties for our products or completeness, reliability, and/or accuracy of this information only. Any action you take is strictly at your own risk and we will not be liable for any losses and/or damages in connection with the use of OEM Matching drop in pigments.