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 Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Do you offer wholesale rates?

A: Yes we do for worldwide distributors! Please fill out this form.

Q: Are your pearl pigments safe for cosmetic use?

A: Yes! All of our pearl pigments are cosmetic grade. Our microflakes and liquid pigments ARE NOT COSMETIC GRADE.

Q: How much pigment should I be using?

A: This depends on your project and use case. Please check our "Mixing & Uses" tab on the product page of which ever pigment you are using.

Q: Can I mix 2 or more pigments to create a custom color?

A: Absolutely! Mixing pearls, pearl enhancers, or drop in pigments together can create awesome custom colors! We HIGHLY reccomend testing small scale prior to using on a large project though as some colors do not work well together. *Mixing 2 colorshifting pigments from oposite ends of the color spectrums can cancel each other out and create a "muddy" effect*

Question : What is a color shifting pearl?

Answer:Colorshift, or Optically Variable, pearl changes color and hue based on viewing angle of the surface or medium it is in. They create vivid metallic effects just like a "chameleon" or "chrome illusion" paint job.

Q: How many colors do you have available?

A: We currently have over 100 readily available colors to choose from, with the ability to mix colors for larger orders. Plus, with our variety of pigments, you can make ENDLESS amounts of custom colors!

Q: What can I use your pigments in?

A: Removable Automotive Paint Coatings, Automotive Traditianal Paint Coatings, Masterbatch pigmentation, Cosmetics, Plastic and rubber manufacturing, leather manufacturing, Screen Printing and Offset Printing, Architectural Coatings and much, much more.

Q: Where is Alpha Pigments Located?

A: Bluemont, VA USA

Q: Do you have stock of all of your products?

A: The large majority of our products, we keep plenty in stock at all times. Some acceptions is: Linear Blocking Tools, Luma III products, Carpro Detailing products, and a few other items. That being said, in most cases these items still ship quickly, and will come in a separate shipment directly shipped to you.

Q: How can I order?

A: You can order directly on www.AlphaPigments.com ! If you have an inquiry on an OEM Color or a Custom Color that we dont currently have on our store please fill out one of the forms linked above! Any other questions or assistance in ordering, reach out to our customer service members via our Website's Chat found in the bottom right of your screen.

Q: Do you offer samples for testing?

A: Yes we do for testing in industries we are unfamiliar with or potential distributor possibilities. Please fill out our sample request form.

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