How do you define a head-turner ride? A ride that has our Alpha Custom Color just like this Nissan 240SX! This 240SX is one of the classy ride that you will find on the road and is known as one of the best cars for drifting because of its chassis dynamics and with our Alpha Custom Color "Executioner Red" that has been utilized on this one, it just made this ride look more sleek and stunning! 

Coating: Tamco Paint

Pigments needed for this look:

- Alpha Custom Color "Executioner Red"

Tamco Products needed for this look:

- Tamco HP-5311 Primer/Sealer Tamco

- Tamco HC-4100 clear coat


Like all of our Alpha Custom Color Drop-In Pigments, "Executioner Red" can be used in Tamco paint or other traditional automotive paint, Autoflex Coatings, Performix Plastidip, Halo efx, DYC Proline,bed liners, and MANY other applications! Take a look at our Alpha Pearl Mixing and Uses Page for more information!

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