Our Nero SuperFlake Pearl is popping beautifully on this ride! From basic black color, this Audi’s look was spiced up by Dipsbyrhy using our Nero SuperFlake that is mixed with another pigment to achieve that stellar and unique color result! Our Nero SuperFlake is also a great option aside from our other stunning color shifting pigments if you’re looking for a color shifting pigment that has a blue/red/purple/bronze/gold tone for your next work!

Installer: Dipsbyrhy

Coating: Peelable Paint

Pigments needed for this look:

- Nero SuperFlake Pearl

Like all of our pearl pigments, Nero SuperFlake Pearl can be used in Tamco Paint or other traditional automotive paint, epoxy resin for woodworking and other art, nail polish, plastisol, Autoflex Coatings, Performix Plastidip, Halo efx, DYC Proline, waterbased airbrush paint, slime, bed liners, powder coat and MANY other applications! Take a look at our Alpha Pearl Mixing and Uses Page for more information! 

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