A sick color for a sick ride! This Honda Prelude is showcasing our Midnight Purple 3 Super Colorshift! @sinisterspeedshop666 did an epic job highlighting our pigment on this ride, those purple color tones just show up beautifully under the sun light. This is a great pigment for those looking for a unique color tone!

Installer: @sinisterspeedshop666

Coating: Tamco Paint

Tamco Products needed for this look:

-Jet Black Basecoat

-HC-895 Intercoat Clear

-Tamco HC-4100 Clearcoat

Pigments needed for this look:

- Midnight Purple 3 Super Colorshift Pearl (mixed into the hc-895 intercoat)


Like all of our Alpha Custom Color Drop-In Pigments, Midnight Purple 3 Super Colorshift Pearls can be used in Tamco paint or other traditional automotive paint, Autoflex Coatings, Performix Plastidip, Halo efx, DYC Proline,bed liners, and MANY other applications! Take a look at our Alpha Pearl Mixing and Uses Page for more information!

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